4 easy ways to improve your front door

Every home tells a story and that story starts at your front door.

But what if your front door is telling a tale of a busy, tired and unloved home? We all live hectic lives these days, and it is easy to let things slide. Before you know it your home’s entrance is a dusty and dull dumping ground for everything and anything that arrives at the door.

Fear not friends! Here are 4 quick and easy ways to update the entrance of your home. It really can be as easy as Declutter, Clean, Paint and Decorate.

This might sound overwhelming and if you are anything like me you put things aside because you just “don’t have the time”.

Grab three baskets or containers you have lying around the house and label them - throw, keep and sell. Now you might prefer the last box to be “donate” and that is absolutely fantastic, but for those who could do with a little cash injection into the bank account selling unwanted items on Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree can free up money for decorating at the end!

Set yourself a timeline, but be realistic. There is no point in saying you will have it done in a day if it will take you a week (or a month). The benefit of the containers is that you can do a little at a time, which might mean you don’t get frustrated and give up all together.


Now that the space is clear of everything it’s time to clean. Start from the top down and it will most likely involve a spider web or two. A broom or a brush around your eaves and veranda roof will do the trick initially (or a blower if you are lazy like me).

Give your front door and windows a clean. There are plenty of environmentally friendly options out there but I can’t go past my trusty bottle of Koh general purpose cleaner and my Enjo window cleaner. If you don’t have the budget for anything specific, good old warm soapy water really does wonders and continues to be the go to for many cleaning jobs around the house.

BONUS TIP: Don’t go too heavy with water at your front door and if you are worried, just pop an old towel at the back of the door to soak up any water that might find its way inside.

Painting might seem too scary for some, but the best way to update your entrance in my mind is a fresh coat of paint on your door. Painting or staining is cheaper and easier than replacing your front door and is an instant game changer!

These days there are endless paint colours and finishes to choose from, so pour yourself a cuppa and grab your favourite home magazine, or search online for some inspiration. Paint suppliers like Dulux have online selection tools on their websites, or perhaps check out some social media accounts of people sharing their renovations and home updates. Real people sharing their homes and their lives are a huge source of inspiration for me. 'that_coloured_door' is one of my favourite instagram accounts. Marita paints her door a new colour every month and shares with us all. Now I am not saying we all need to pull out the paint brush every 4 weeks and I don’t know how she manages it to be honest. I will leave the monthly painting to Marita but I do love seeing her choices each month and it is such a great example of how a fresh coat of paint can change the look of your home instantly!

Here is where all the hard work pays off and you get to decorate your blank canvas. Head back to your “keep box “ and see what you need in the space. Is there anything that you need to keep handy each day?

My boys would argue that their 5000 soccer and basketballs are “needed” at the front door each day but maybe your partner’s work boots are not allowed to enter the house. Or perhaps your trusty gumboots are your best friend in winter.

We all have things that are essential to our daily routines but the key here is to keep only essential items in your entrance. Store the rest elsewhere and encourage others to keep the space clean and tidy.

Create designated spaces for shoes, jackets and bags to keep them organised. You might have a beautiful basket or box lying around the house that could be used to keep these things out of eyesight. Add some pretty hooks to the wall behind the door or look for a coat rack to hang your coats and bags when you arrive home.

Your space should be functional, but it can also look lovely! A new doormat is a great addition to your freshly updated front door. We are spoilt for choice these days with options available to match any budget. Department stores like Kmart or Bunnings offer cost effective options, or if you are looking for something a little more unique, head online to look for a custom mat featuring a personalised design for your home.

Other decorative items like a feature pot plant, a mirror on the wall or other sentimental objects make your home feel uniquely yours.

And who would we be without mentioning a house number or sign for your front door. It may be a simple number or it may even feature your family or home’s name. At Little House in the Valley we are able to colour match to most commercial paint colours so maybe even choose something that coordinates with your freshly painted front door.

At the end of the day your home is your castle. It is the first place you arrive home to each and every day, so make it warm and welcoming and all about you!

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  • Donna

    Loved this article and went out and cleaned all the cobwebs I had been deliberately trying to ignore

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