Our Story

Once upon a time there was a little house in the Valley. In that house lived a design tragic and her creative husband who searched and searched, but couldn’t find a house number they liked for the front door of their new home…

Why can't we just make our own she asked?

Fast forward a few years full of research and countless hours of planning to the birth of Little House in the Valley.

At Little House, we work with you and your Interior designer to create custom designs that reflect your home and style. We love seeing our ceramic subway tile house number, house name or home sign take pride of place at the front door or entrance of your home.

Every set is lovingly made by hand in our studio using commercial grade UV print technology and hand cut subway tiles. We also mount it to make it easy for you to hang at your front door.

We don't just make house numbers either. We love the chance to let our creative hair down to design and print personalised event and interior styling. 

So that is us...

We look can't wait to help you add a personal touch to your front door with a Little House house number xx