5 tile house number sign - 3 number

Triple House Number

Make a Statement with our Three-Number Ceramic Tile House Number Set

Infuse your home with personality using our three-number ceramic tile house number set. This set includes two border tiles and three number tiles, allowing you to customise the pattern, colour, and finish to match your unique style. Personalise further by adding your street or family name for an extra touch of individuality.

Crafted with precision, our house numbers are UV printed on mini subway tiles for vibrant colours and intricate details. Mounted in our custom-designed steel frames, they are ready to adorn your front door, instantly enhancing your home's curb appeal. With two keyhole locators on the frame, installation is secure and seamless.

Dimensions: Each set measures 315mm(w) x 135mm(h)

Add some personality and elevate your home's exterior today!