Quick and budget-friendly ways to style your home this Easter

Easter is that special time of year when we open our doors, welcome family and friends to spend time together. But if you are anything like me, the whirlwind of school runs and work obligations may have left your home a bit neglected.  The thought may be overwhelming, but if you break it down into a few small steps and use what we have lying around it really is easy. You can have a welcoming home in time for those visitors. So let's roll up our sleeves, and infuse a touch of Easter charm without breaking the bank.

Cleaning and Prep: Start by giving your home a little TLC – a quick vacuum (yes - I said Vac don't knock it till you try it!) and then wipe-down of your front door is first on the list. A window clean is next to maximise the natural light that flows into your home. As the days grow cooler, every ray of sunshine becomes precious. 

Next up, tackle those muddy footprints and scuffs with a swift mop and wall wipe-down. Last tip is to look up. It is not halloween and cobwebs from the cornice are most definitely not trending in the home and interior mags this season!

Refresh Your Space:  If you have a mat at your front door or a floor rug in your hall consider giving these a wash; after all, few things transform a space like a freshly cleaned rug and they will help keep those dirty footprints at bay. And speaking of rugs, they're fantastic for updating your space with each season, effortlessly adding warmth and texture. 

Personal Touches: Now comes the fun part – decorating! For me Easter is about  cherished memories. Sure there are loads of beautiful Easter decorations available at the shops, but some of the things I love the most are handmade and definitely not polished to perfection. Little timber eggs painted by my boys many (many) years ago, sit proudly on our front table, together with some Easter Cards that I just adored too much to throw away. A few inexpensive frames were perfect to display these on our hall table. Layering those personal touches really does make all the difference to the feeling as you enter a space. Remember your home is your space - a space to display the things that matter to you most.

Get Creative with What You Have: Before reaching for your wallet, take a stroll around your home in search of hidden gems. Moving items between rooms breathes new life into your space while being eco-friendly and wallet-conscious. It would have to be my number one tip when decorating your home. There are so many inspirtational ideas filling our feeds everyday on ways we can reuse items we already have, so embrace your creativity and reimagine some of your things in a fresh, unexpected way.

Thoughtful Purchases: Now this doesn't mean that I don't ever buy new pieces, but I do make sure that they are considered choices. Choose wisely and opt for items that complement your existing decor and evoke a sense of joy or nostalgia. Are they things that will work with what i already have? Do they make you feel a certain way or maybe remind you of something you cherish? And finally will you still like them next year when its time to pull things out next Easter?

Don't Forget the Finishing Touch: It is those added little details that really make the difference. Add finishing touches to your decor with a beautiful scented candle, flowers from the garden in a simple jar or a sweet sign to place at your door to welcome in the holidays.

Share Your Creations: We'd love to see your homes decorated for the holidays! Share your ideas with us by replying to this email or tagging us on social media. After all, our homes are meant to be shared and enjoyed together.

So there you have it... I hope that you have enjoyed these quick tips for styling your home for Easter and we would absolutely love to see what you guys come up.   Comment below with your favourite ways to decorate your homes for Easter or share some pics with us on our socials. After all - our homes are supposed to be shared and enjoyed x

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