Deck the Door: The perfect wreath for your front door!

We may have just packed away those Halloween decorations but the Christmas season is well and truely here. Whilst some of our friends may already be well into their Christmas decorating, others we are yet to dive into the holiday spirit. Don't worry though as there is still ample time to prepare your home for some Christmas cheer. And a wreath for your front door might be the perfect place to start!

The perfect backdrop for decorating:
Our front door is always the place I think to start decorating for any holiday season. When building our forever home, it was important to us to incorporate some recycled materials to infuse our new build with much-needed "soul." The search for an old, oversized door became my mission and after a long drive to the country side, hours of stripping, sanding, and then repainting we now have a beautiful old door to create a warm welcome for our guests and the perfect backdrop for decorating. (On a side note.... I love it that much that if we ever part with Little House, the door is probably coming with us!).

The Tradition of Wreaths:
Beyond their aesthetic appeal, wreaths bear significant symbolism and are in many homes the heart of Christmas decorating. But why do we hang them on front doors? Well for some, it invites the spirit of Christmas, blessing homeowners with good luck. For others, the wreath's circular shape, coupled with evergreen materials, symbolises eternal life. Whether rich in meaning or simply a beautiful addition, a wreath brings that holiday spirit to your front door and is the perfect way to add your own personal style to your home for the holidays.

Ready-Made Elegance:
Ok - so Christmas can be such a busy time and you may just want to grab and go! Or maybe you prefer to let someone else do the creating. For those seeking ready-made perfection, there are a multitude of businesses offering beautiful ready made wreaths. We purchased a beautiful vintage bell wreath from last month and it looks just stunning above our hall table at the front door. Can one ever have too many bells during the holidays? From traditional box hedge to floral embellished twine wreaths there are so many small businesses out there selling their beautiful creations so you are bound to find something beautiful to suit your style and as a bonus you are supporting a small business and their family forthe holidays!

DIY Magic at Your Fingertips:
For the DIY enthusiasts, crafting a wreath is a chance to add some personality and flair to the entrance of your home. A plain twine, wicker, or wire wreath offers endless possibilities that you can change up each year.  Check out these budget-friendly options we have found for you:

  1. Koch & Co - Willow Wreath Natural 30cm
  2. Kmart - Christmas Craft Natural Wreath

Year-Round Wreath Magic:
If you need any other reason to invest in a wreath this Christmas - consider it an investment piece that can evolve with each season. I adore the concept of a wreath as a year-round decor piece. My plain twine wreath is a year round staple for me and transforms with each holiday. A simple bow, Easter eggs, or a Poppy for Remembrance Day—the possibilities are endless.

Bring the outside in:
Just this week, a garden cleanup led to a beautiful wreath creation our place. Our rosemary bush was out of control so rather than tossing into the greenwaste bin - I weaved some into my trusty willow wreath, added a ribbon found in my box of ribbons (am I the only one that has a random box of ribbons just in case?), and was delighted to hang a fragrant, green masterpiece for our front door.

Easy to add charm:
A wreath really is an easy way to add charm to your front door this Christmas. And to ensure those holiday guests find the right door on Christmas morning, maybe a custom house number should be next on your list (excuse the cheeky little plug!)

Happy Decorating!
The LH Team x

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