Decorating for the holidays can be exciting but it can also be expensive. Many of us are experiencing financial pressures at the moment but that doesn't mean that we should avoid decorating and celebrating these moments with our family and friends. If anything we should be focusing more on opening up our doors and welcoming those celebrations at home. Why not invite the grandparents around to see the children dressed up or maybe even a Halloween Street Party?

There are so many ways to have a little fun during the holidays and it doesn't all have to break the budget.  Here are 5 fabulous ways  to dress up your front door and not blow the budget for Halloween!

When it comes to Halloween decorating, getting a head start on the holiday season can make all the difference. We all know those last minute shopping trips that you end up throwing a whole bunch of things in your basket, sometimes only to find that you already have something similar at home, or simply that you are too late for the good decorations and are left with the bottom of the barrel!

Begin by scouring your home for items you might typically discard or have stashed away in storage. We have a box for every season stored in our garage and (whilst my husband may not like sharing his garage shelves ) it is an absolute time and money saver.

If you don't have anything specifically stored for Halloween don't despair... there are plenty of every day items that can be given a little halloween makeover so take a quick tour of the house and put anything that grabs your attention in one space. Try to look at your existing decorations with fresh eyes. Maybe last year you had cobwebs and spiders on your front door, so this year you might move them down onto the stair case or letter box and decorate your door with a different theme this year.
A consistent theme is one thing that will help your house stand out from the crowd. They say it is often not what you have but what you do with it and this couldn't be more true when decorating. I always try to start with one large item and create a story around it. And if you need to head to the shops at this stage to add to your collection, ask yourself if each piece you choose works in with your story? Take time to think about each decoration you are adding to your collection. Consider if it will suit you home? Does it add to the story? It's just like shopping clothes and those jeans that you loved in the shop, only to regret once you arrive home and they just don't suit the rest of your wardrobe!
This old saying really is your best friend when trying to decorate on a budget. Look at photos you may have from previous years for inspiration and remember you are most likely the only person that would remember what exact decorations you had last year. It is the overall impact you are trying to create - so don't be scared to reuse something you have.

Putting something in a new spot or giving it a little makeover can create a totally new look. And you never know - reusing decorations may actually bring back memories for visitors and guests to your home. We had a house in our neighbourhood that made a ghost that run up a cable as you walked up the front driveway. Our boys loved it so much that they knew exactly where that house was and made sure that we visited it each year.

Take a fresh look at everyday items that you can rework with a little halloween magic! Glass jars with candles or fairy lights are perfect for crafting eerie lanterns that will cast an eerie glow through your front window. Or maybe that empty cereal box can become a tombstone with a coat of grey paint and some clever decorations.

Remember those worn-out bed sheets that you were about to throw away? Give them new life as spooky ghosts to hang on your porch or in a tree in the garden. All it takes is a little creativity and a pair of scissors. Before you know it, your old linens will be hauntingly good Halloween decor.
Even the best decorations can go unnoticed if they are not put in the best vantage spot for your home. The same rules apply for holiday decorating - group similar decorations into themes and place them together for maximum impact! This year we have decided to make paper bats out of black paper and hang them on the front porch on mass. 20 bats all grouped together at differing heights will have far greater impact than if you scattered them around randomly.

And remember to decorate at different heights. Decorations hanging from the front verandah or in your windows are fantastic ways to welcome trick or treaters to add curb appeal, but don't forget to add those little pieces at eye level and even ground level as you approach your door for maximum impact!

So there it is - 5 tips for decorating your entrance this Halloween Season. Remember, every home tells a story so lets make it a scary one this October!

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