Diary from a Little House - First Edition

Welcome to the first edition of a diary from a Little House. Over time I hope to share ideas thoughts and anything else that jumps into my mind. I might be new to the world of blogging, but have always loved writing - Its good for my soul x

With many years in the Events and Communications Industries I am very comfortable behind the scenes - in front of the crowd is a completely different story…

Until now, the online world has allowed me to learn a great deal from many people whilst sitting in my front room. I studied Interior Design online whilst on a career break for motherhood and found my passion in life. Marrying an Industrial Designer was my first introduction to design, but it wasn’t until after my studies that my path into this creative world became clear. After a few home renovation projects, my husband and I decided to build our dream home. Not easy with two young boys and rather large work commitments, but we had a vision and wanted to build a home that reflected us. A place that told our story. Weeks turned into months and finally I trawled the internet for days and nights trying to find the perfect fixtures and fittings to put the finishing touches to our new home.

Our home was a mix of old and new, with a gorgeous new façade and an oversized antique door and when we started our search for a house number for the front entrance it was evident that we needed something special. Something designed just for us.

I could go on (I told you I like writing) but basically we found ourselves making our own and then making others and so on until we had a little side gig called Little House in the Valley, designing and printing bespoke ceramic tile house numbers, house names and home signs.

What I have come to realise though is that in a world of mass-produced commercial ventures, the story behind our small businesses is in a way our competitive advantage. People want to know who we are, how we came to build our business and the daily trials and tribulations of our creative ventures.

Sometimes we all need a little ‘push’ in the right direction and this was definitely the case last month when I was offered the opportunity to feature in the ‘behind the brand’ section of the Love of Home Australia Shopping Guide.

So with a camera (phone) in hand (and my big girl pants on!) I jumped in headfirst, shared our story and my face for all the world to see.

If you feel like a read, I have put the link below but more so I would urge you to take a look through the gift guide and the gorgeous offerings small business throughout our beautiful country have to offer and maybe even share amongst your friends and family. The power of the internet and social media has allowed so many of us to give our dreams a go and I for one am grateful for this.


Samantha x

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