Embrace the light - and let in that winter sunshine!

Last week we chatted about some quick and easy ways to transform the entrance of your home, but there is a little task that can make all the difference with or without a makeover – and that’s your windows!

There really is nothing like a dash of that winter sunshine. We all know the feeling of long drives in the car with the sun streaming in, or that special spot in front of a window at home to curl up and enjoy that winter sun with a good book and a hot cuppa.

Natural light is so important to how we feel in our homes and in winter it is even more important that we maximise the light we welcome into our homes.

It's school holidays here at Little House and that means more home time. More home time to relax and chill, but also more home time to notice the windows that we obviously have been rushing past for months, oblivious to the finger prints, paw prints and spider webs (yes… house keeping has not been top of the list!)

I was so embarrassed at the state of our windows at the front door, but feeling shame at the state of your windows is not the only reason you should add window cleaning to your to do list this weekend…

Enhance Mood and Well-Being
Natural light plays a vital role in our overall well-being. Exposure to sunlight boosts the production of serotin, a neurotransmitter responsible for regulating our moods. During winter, when daylight hours are limited, it’s even more critical to maximise the amount of natural light you can attract into your home. By keeping your windows clean, you ensure that sunlight can filter through, elevating your mood and combating those winter blues.

Increasing Productivity and Alertness
Did you know that exposure to natural light can enhance productivity and improve your cognitive performance? Studies have shown that people working in well-lit environments experience increased focus, better concentration and heightened alertness. So giving those windows a quick ‘go over’ can make your home or workspace a more productive space in the colder months.

Boosting Vitamin D Levels
We all have heard about vitamin D, but did you know that in winter our intake of Vitamin D drops dramatically? Sunlight is our primary source of vitamin D, so in winter when the days are shorter and we hide away in our homes the opportunities for sun exposure diminish. Clean windows will allow more sunlight to filter in, enabling your body to produce the essential vitamin D it needs to stay healthy and strong.

Creating a Warm and Inviting Space
Winter is a time for cosiness and huddling indoors with loved ones. Clean windows allow that natural light to flood into your living space, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The soft, golden rays of the sun can transform a room, making it feel more spacious, comforting and appealing. For me there is nothing inviting about a cold, dark space in winter, so open those curtains and show off those clean windows and the beautiful healing rays of sunshine flooding in!

Energy Efficiency
We all love to save money and its never been more important than now to be mindful of our expenses. Clean windows are more efficient at allowing sunlight to pass through, reducing the need to turn on those lights on during the daytime. By harnessing the power of natural light you can lower your energy consumption (and reduce your carbon footprint). And if you invest in some new curtains or blinds then you can close up shop at the end of the day and keep all that free heat in your place until tomorrow!

All things considered, the thought of tackling all of our windows here at Little House in one hit is exhausting, so I might add that I am taking the gradual approach here. First up is the sidelight windows at the front door, and then the French doors along our veranda. Not only are they the first thing guests’ see when they arrive but they allow the glorious sun to stream into Little House each morning. They are also easier to access than the ones on the second story, which may have to wait until I can rustle up a rather tall ladder and a helper or two …

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