Five Front Door Colours for a Tropical Holiday Home Feel

We all love the feeling of being on holidays - to escape your every day surroundings and that daily grind. Holidays can't last forever and at some stage we have to head home, but that doesn't have to mean the end to those tropical holiday vibes.  We can easily add a sense of calm and tranquility to our homes and the front door is a quick and easy place to start. Your choice of front door colour can instantly transport you to a beachside paradise or a lush island getaway. Let's explore our top five colours that will infuse your entrance with a delightful tropical holiday vibe.

1. Ocean Blue
Capture the tranquility of the ocean with a shade of deep blue. From turquoise to navy, blue hues evoke the calming and refreshing ambiance of coastal destinations.  Pair your ocean blue door with white trim and accents for a classic seaside look. With a huge influx of Hampton's inspired homes popping up through our neighbourhoods featuring this classic blue and white match, there is plenty of inspiration out there for lovers of blue!

2. Fresh White
You really can't go wrong with a crisp white door. A white door will go with almost any style of home and is perfect stage to show off those little details. Consider adding lots of lush green tropical plants and beach-inspired decor to complete the look and provide some added interest.

3. Sun-kissed Yellow
The colour of sunshine, yellow, brings an instant burst of tropical joy to your home. It radiates positivity and energy, making it a perfect choice for a holiday feel. Add a fresh white pot next to your sunny yellow door and fill it with lush greenery and colourful flowers for a paradise-like entrance that makes you smile every time you open that door.

4. Palm Green
Embrace the lushness of tropical palms with a shade of green for your front door. Whether it's a soft sage or a rich emerald, green doors exude freshness and vitality. Enhance the tropical look with potted palm trees and timber accents. A wicker basket to throw in those sandy shoes will add some texture to the space (and keep the beach outside!).

5. Stained Timber
For a more understated tropical vibe, consider introducing raw timber tones. A timber door complements many architectural styles and provides a grounding for other vibrant tropical accents, like a lush palm in a glossy feature pot or copper/brass toned door hardware.

Your front door colour sets the tone for your entire home and can transport you to your favourite tropical holiday destination every time you arrive. Whether you choose ocean blue, fresh white, sun-kissed yellow, palm green, or raw timber , each colour has the power to infuse your entrance with the relaxing and carefree vibes of a tropical paradise.

Ready to bring that tropical holiday feel to your front door? Explore our custom house numbers and home signs at to complete the look and make your home a holiday destination all year round.

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