How to decorate your home for Easter!

Whether its an extra long weekend, time with family, religious celebrations or just a festival chocolate, Easter is a time where many of us we open our doors and share our homes with our family and friends so its important it looks it's best!

Whilst your home does not need to look like its straight out of an interior design magazine (hats off to you if it does), we wanted to share three quick tips that to help get your home holiday ready, and your front door dressed to impress your guests.

Let’s start with your front steps. Many parts of the country have had another wet year and our front steps are a hazard waiting to happen. I attacked ours recently with a high-pressure washer and was amazed with the difference a little water can make. If you don’t have a pressure washer, a bucket, some detergent and a scrubbing brush will do the trick. And don’t forget your front door. A simple wipe down with a damp cloth should do the trick – you don’t want too much water coming under your front door!

Once you have some clean front steps a sparkling front door, take a look at what is lying around that you don't need out. Put away the shoes the kids left out or the umbrellas piling up in the corner. A cute basket at your entrance is a quick way to hide the things that you need to keep out for the daily family routine.

Now for the fun part… Once we are all clean we can pull out those decorations. Everyone has their own unique style and your home should reflect this. Your home should tell your story and especially in the holidays. Remember those pictures from previous Easter adventures or maybe that special basket passed down from your grandmother. I have an old jug of my grandmothers that I use every holidays to fill with some flowers from my garden. Its inexpensive and a little nod to the past.

You could even collect some sticks or small branches all about the same size. Pop them in a vase or bucket for the perfect little spot to hang those Easter decorations. The outdoors and our gardens play such a huge part of our lives in Australia so its no surprise that greenery and timbers are perfect for decorating homes of all styles and architecture.

Take a walk around the house for any decor that you could change up and add an ‘Easter vibe”. I added some inexpensive egg lights and a ribbon to a wreath I already had for the front door. Or maybe ask the kids to decorate something for you. Paper chains cut out of colourful paper is a great way to include the kids in your holiday decorating and something you can keep for when they grow up and are ‘too cool’ to help anymore!

Each year I pull out my plain calico bunting (a cheerful and cheap Kmart purchase) that is the perfect base for any holiday. Hung in the front hallway, it provides an instant effect and that you can add to depending on the time of year.

My top tip (apart from a Little House Easter Sign… cheap plug I know) is to get yourself a little chalkboard from the local discount or homewares store and write a holiday message. Whether it’s a countdown to the Easter Bunny’s arrival or a blessing for the holidays it’s a lovely way to greet your guests and build excitement in the house.

So after a quick clean up, repurposing some of your existing décor and maybe adding a few little details, your home is ready for Easter.

Now it is time to sit back, welcome your guests and share the best-dressed house in the street!

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