Winter layers for the home...

The winter weather may have arrived here in Australia, but are you ready to welcome it into your home?

Colder months may mean shorter days and lower temps but that doesn’t mean that it all has to be doom and gloom. Winter brings its own charm, with frost-kissed landscapes and cosy nights with friends by the fire. So as the season sets in, its important to create an inviting entrance that warmly welcomes guests to your home.

There are some quick and easy changes you can make to transform the entrance of your home into a winter oasis as the temperature drops. Over the next few weeks we thought we would share a few ideas for you to try out at your place.

So what is our first tip? Embrace those cosy textures.

When I close my eyes and think of comfort in winter, I imagine layers and textures like warm rugs and knitted throws. We often think of our lounge room for adding these winter warmers, but the front door is the perfect place to start.

Add a rug!
There is nothing worse than taking your shoes off at the door and straight onto a cold, hard floor. Adding a rug in your entrance way can also encourage guests to remove their shoes and leave that mud and dirt at the door.

Now I admit a shag pile rug at the front door may not be the most practical of choices, but there are so many options these days for inexpensive and practical rugs that would be perfect for your entrance way. Look for an indoor/outdoor rug or perhaps a washable rug if you have kids or pets.  Don’t forget to use a rug underlay or non-slip pad to avoid any trips or falls.

Select right for your space.
Make sure you look at the space available behind your door as well! You don’t want your door to be stuck on something every time you open it, so if you are a little tight for space at the front door you might need a rug with a thinner pile that your door will open and close freely over.

Carpet on carpet?
Rugs also look great over carpet, so don’t be afraid to pick a contrasting colours or textures. Not only will it create visual interest but also protect your carpet from that winter foot traffic.

Double up your door mats.

If you don’t have any space inside, step outside and create some layers on your front porch. Add a jute door mat, or even layer up a smaller mat on top of your existing door mat to create interest and a lux look.

Add some baskets and pots
Rugs are not the only way where you can add texture and interest to your entrance. If you have a pot plant at your front door, pop it in a larger rattan or fabric basket. No need to re pot it, and when the warmer weather appears you can change it up again with a summer styling session.  

Introduce timber tones.
Adding timber tones can also be a great way to introduce warmth and depth to your entrance. If you have a table or shelf at your entrance look to add some timber candle holders or even a wooden bowl to store your keys on your way in.

Bring nature in!
Our last tip is flowers. By this we don’t mean for you to spend a fortune each week on a new set of blooms for the front door. My boys will tell you that their mum is not a lover of fake flowers at Little House, but even I have to admit that the options for fake plants is incredible and some you would struggle to pick. If you are like me and prefer the real deal but without the expense, then pop on your boots and head out to find some seasonal foliage like evergreen branches or interesting sticks you could add to a textured or timber vase.


Repurpose repurpose repurpose!
Decorating your home does not have to cost the earth either so make sure you look around at what you have in other areas of the house to see if you can reuse in a new space. I grabbed a few books from the lounge room, a candle and a bowl from the kitchen and had a fresh new look, ready for the weekend guests. 

Why not show off your home's winter layers and send some before and after pics to us at We would love to see what you have created.

Happy styling!

The LH Team x

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